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Trading Secrets

500 years ago Venice was the trading hub of the world. Not only in dealing with goods from the near and far East but in also the exchange of ideas and the founding of service businesses. In producing the annual carnival and the decadent parties within the palazzos, Venice was also the cradle of our very own industry. We have a lot to thank these islands in a flooded lagoon for.


At the RSVP Venice Symposium our membership community will be encouraged to trade and share their secrets over the three days. Expect to learn from both the experienced and industry newbies on what makes their businesses successful. But do please share your secrets as well. 

La Fête

"You have created with RSVP, an incredible space of like-minded professionals that share common values. You should be incredibly proud."


Suzie Turner

"Thank you RSVP for providing such an exceptional networking platform."

Amanda Costa Thompson

"I’ve learned, cried, laughed and danced, but most importantly - built friendships and connections for life!"

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