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Ioana Selner

Founder and Business Developer

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Ioana Selner Romania- founder of "Nunta pe Plaja" and WedDo Agency.


After 8 years of being journalist for investigation I cross the line and I became entrepreneur, not wedding planner. 

I always said that the business choose me, because everything starts from a couple that I met on the beach and I told them that I am going to organise their wedding. In that moment I did a promise that become an business business and today with my team we organise more than 100 weddings per year. 8 years ago I had the courage the craziness and the power to start this business that I expended in 12 countries of the world. Together with me team we organise events on the beach in 12 countries and also at Dracula Castle in Romania.  


In all these years I structured my business, I create sistems and procedures in order to work by itself the business. 

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