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Michaela Theodorakakou

Managing & Creative Director

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Michaela Theodorakakou is the founder and managing director of Mitheo Events, a leading destination event planning and luxury design company, with offices in Athens, Greece and Lake Como, Italy. Michaela together with her experienced team of the best event planners and in-house designers, produces only a limited number of exquisite destination weddings and private parties around Europe.

Mitheo Events has built an international reputation deriving from a passion for excellence and authenticity, while global publications and blogs frequently feature their stylish events including lifestyle authorities Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Brides Magazine. 

Mitheo Events was the selected luxury event planner, designer and art director for the Engage!21 Amanzoe in Greece, producing an immersive retreat for global planners and industry leaders to engage and connect, and was nominated as Best Destination Wedding Planner in Europe at the RSVP 2023 Symposium in Madrid.

Michaela also educates her community and audience with podcasts and organises live IG interviews with experts from the global weddings and events industry. 

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