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Monica Balli

Founder & CEO

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Monica Balli based in Tuscany Italy with 20 years of experience as a destination event planner with over 900 events planned throughout the Mediterranean, Usa and opening new amazing destinations as the Middle East and Africa, international speaker and coach, Virtuoso Travel advisor, Ypo Member, DLC honorary member,  owner of new tech innovation for the hospitality and events industry. Speaker and coach on for Branson Centre on entrepreneurship, lifestyle and tech, Working both in B2B for the industry as a strategic destination partner and B2C  for destination events. Industry book writer "io wedding planner" in Italy with over 100k copies sold in 2 reprints in Italy. My passion is travel, enjoying life and my family. My 2 rules in life is : walk anywhere with  your head up high and sleep on 2 pillows. I love networking, and connecting and do believe that creating synergies will make us better leaders and pros.

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