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Sarah Young

Founder & CEO

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Sarah Young is a luxury event planner specializing in extravagant weddings and lavish celebrations. With over 22 years of experience and hundreds of events and weddings planned, organised and executed, Sarah is a specialist in creating enthralling experiences that go far beyond the expectations of her clients. Sarah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications (Hons) from the University of Malta. She continued her studies in the UK and successfully received her Master’s degree from the University of Southampton, UK.


In 1998, Sarah’s career started to take off as she was appointed Marketing Manager of Time International, responsible for leading brands such as Cartier, Nike and Tag Heuer. Sarah also organised various international conferences in Malta and Europe. After a successful period of working in events and marketing in the UK, Sarah continued her career as Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola, Malta. At the age of 24, Sarah became a pioneer in her industry as the first wedding planner on the island of Malta – and there was no turning back from then on.

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