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Tomas De Bruyne

Founder & CEO

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Tomas De Bruyne, the director and founder of Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide, is an expert in crafting breathtaking floral art installations for weddings, private events, and social gatherings on a grand scale. Renowned as the poet among floral event designers, De Bruyne possesses a unique style and an unwavering passion for beauty that elevates his creations to extraordinary levels. His ability to conceive enchanting floral installations stems from his talent for blending spatial design concepts with both functionality and aesthetics. 


The hallmark of De Bruyne's work lies in seamlessly integrating unparalleled creativity, practicality, and flawless execution. This fusion has become his unmistakable symbol of sophistication, finesse, and an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. With a prolific portfolio of over 15 published books, Tomas De Bruyne has established himself as an internationally acclaimed floral designer, amassing numerous prestigious accolades along the way. From personally adorning the Swarovski family's residences to orchestrating magnificent floral displays for opulent Indian weddings, and even serving as the Senior Advisor for the Beijing Olympic Games, De Bruyne masterfully crafts artistic designs within the parameters of his clients' commercial visions. In 2005, he received a remarkable honour when a new variety of Gloriosa lily flower was officially named after him, with Princess Nora, wife of HRH Prince Saud of KSA, as the patroness.   

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