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Zuzu Birkhof

Founder & Creative Director

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The HAUS OF BIRKHOF - a creative agency that’s all about blurring the lines between art and entertainment & fashion photography. 


With roots in fashion photography, creative director Zuzu Birkhof takes classic event photography to new heights. As a Fine Art Photography grad from the Film Academy in Warsaw, Birkhof offers products and concepts that go beyond traditional photography. With over a decade of experience working with A-listers, athletic legends, and magazines like VOGUE, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, she’s on a mission to bring the worlds of events and fashion together to create unforgettable experiences. 


From visually complex high-end group portraits to fashion shoot experiences, to animated (3D / CGI / illustrated) artworks, to set design and interactive installations: In the end, it’s always about capturing a mix of dreamy memories and a hedonistic spirit. 


Inspired by the original photography of great masters and photography styles that seem to have fallen into oblivion, and fascinated by modern forms of expression and new digital technologies, Birkhof’s work speaks to both the classic, traditionalists and the young and brave avant-garde. 



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