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Duncan Perry is a distinguished senior business leader and practising lawyer, renowned for his extensive experience spanning more than three decades at the pinnacle of finance, law, governance, and risk control at the C-suite level. His career is a testament to his exceptional leadership capabilities and his unwavering commitment to excellence in both the legal and finance domains.


Beginning with an atypical yet successful term at the New Scotland Yard police force as its youngest recruit, his sharp instincts and relentless pursuit of justice led him into the clandestine world of undercover operations within the force's fast track system.  It is here that Duncan developed the acumen and resilience that would characterise his career in law. It was during these defining moments amidst the demands of law enforcement that Duncan found his calling in the legal profession, deciding to transition from the front lines of policing to the halls of jurisprudence.


Embarking on a legal career, Duncan earned his credentials with a vigour that paralleled his early years on the force. He graduated with a 1st class law degree at Exeter University and then passed Law School with honours.  Duncan swiftly ascended the ranks of the legal world.  His tenure in top-tier legal practice provided him with a foundation for navigating the intricacies of corporate law, a skill that would later become instrumental in his transition to the financial sector serving as the youngest Global General Counsel at Barclays Wealth. It was there that Duncan's ambition and expertise found fertile ground for growth as he took on roles that demanded not only legal expertise but also strategic vision and leadership finesse.


With expertise firmly rooted in leadership, law and risk control, Duncan has been a force of innovation and steadfast governance within various blue-chip financial institutions and top-tier global law firms.  Throughout his career, Duncan has demonstrated a pronounced ability to steer blue-chip financial institutions through the complex and often turbulent waters of regulatory compliance, risk management, and ethical governance.


Duncan's reputation as a leader is not confined to his ability to manage and mitigate legal risks; it extends into his exceptional skill in building and nurturing top-performing teams. His leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in the empowerment and development of talent. He is known for building and nurturing top-performing teams, setting a gold standard for productivity, innovation, and cohesion. By fostering an environment where open communication, trust, and professional growth are paramount, he maximises the potential of his teams, enabling them to contribute to the success of their organisations. Duncan has put this experience to practice as an angel investor and advisor to many start-ups, including: Kroo Bank where Duncan was a founding team member and is still a shareholder, Owl + Lark (a SleepTech company), Cabin (a work/live hotel complex in Zanzibar) and PizzaLuxe (a UK pizza chain).  Duncan is currently working as in house senior counsel at a $24bn Private Equity firm in Europe.


Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Duncan remains deeply invested in the next generation of leaders. He enriches the academic community as an Adjunct Lecturer at his Alma mater university, where he imparts knowledge on the intricacies of FinTech law and regulation and ethical leadership.  His contributions also extend to not-for-profit spheres where he chairs a charity which helps to place graduates from under represented communities into elite city professions.


As a speaker, Duncan commands respect on the stage sharing his insights on leadership dynamics. His insight is sought after at international conferences, symposiums, and seminars, where he addresses the intricacies of managing and motivating teams within the ever-evolving landscape of global business.


With a career that exemplifies excellence in both the legal and business domains, Duncan Perry has not only witnessed the evolution of the legal and business spheres but has proactively shaped them and stands as a pillar of professional integrity, intellectual leadership, and strategic vision. His commitment to driving ethical business practices, empowering leaders, and fostering top-tier teams continues to resonate throughout the industry, making him an indispensable figure on a global scale.

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